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To effectively compete you need to know what your competitors are doing online. Do they have an SEO or PPC strategy or a combination of the two? Do you know if your competitors have PPC campaigns? What are they spending? What do their landing pages look like? Google rewards quality inbound links to websites. How many do you have? How many do your competitors have?

Competitive Analysis Report for your Business

With a Competitive Analysis report from WSI in Madison WI, your business will have a competitive advantage over your competition.  Imagine knowing their Internet Marketing Strategy while at the same time being able to enhance your online strategy. We uncover the competition landscape by revealing their online marketing strategies and will provide you with an Internet Marketing Solution and a budget to compete effectively, almost immediately.

This report will help your business understand your competitors' web site marketing strengths and weaknesses.  Using the recommendations contained in the Competitive Analysis report will allow you to strengthen your competitive advange by improving your online strategies.  WSI can help you implement and monitor progress against the strategies so you can continue to narrow the gap (if you are behind), or widen the gap (if you're already ahead).

Key Benefits of WSI Competitive Analysis:

  • Pinpoint the profitable keyword and ad-copy combinations of your competitors
  • Calculate their estimated monthly online marketing budget
  • Identify all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords that provide them with high search engine rankings
  • Identify how many incoming links you need to gain a search engine optimization advantage
  • Create a step by step marketing plan to achieve your online marketing objectives
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Steps included in WSI Competitive Analysis project:

  1. We will gather the competitors (up to 15) that you identify.  We will likely identify some additional competitors during our research.
  2. We will analyze your competitors' Google Pay Per Click campaigns, including their Ad Copy, Landing Pages, and Keywords, and compute an estimated average daily PPC spend.
  3. We will conduct keyword research and determine where your competitors rank within Google.
  4. We will determine the number of pages each competitor website contains.
  5. We will identify the number of inbound links to each competitor website.
  6. We will conduct a WSI WebScan of your competitors' websites to evaluate how well their sites are built.
  7. We will summarize the online marketing strategy of each competitor.

Contents of WSI Competitive Analysis report:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) keyword spreadsheet - contains all the keywords that your competitors bid on. It includes number of clicks per day, cost per click and estimated daily budget spend. In addition, you can view each PPC ad copy and specific landing page and make improvements to what they are doing for your PPC campaign.
  • Organic keyword spreadsheet - contains all the competitors “keyword phrases” that rank in Google’s top 20 search results. The actual landing page urls are provided so that you can review copy & call to action techniques
  • Incoming links spreadsheet - contains the number of links that are pointing to your competitor websites. We use this information to identify the actual link text used. This information identifies whether the competition has valuable links and where they get them from.
  • Detailed recommendations to improve your strategies to close any gaps between you and your competitors.  If your company is already leading the pack we can provide recommendations that will help keep you there..
  • A Month by month Internet Marketing budget to implement the recommendations. This will allow you to effectively plan your online marketing initiatives and track your progress.

Cost for a WSI Competitive Analysis

The cost for a Competitive Analysis is $1,500 for 5 or less competitors, $2,500 for 6-10 competitors, and $3,000 for up to 15 competitors.  Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded.  Call today and we can start your Competitive Analysis report right away.

Contact us today!

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WSI Competitive Analysis Sales Sheet
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