Digital Marketing Video Series – Madison WI

Each month I’ll post a new video that will help businesses better understand the digital marketing landscape and what they should be doing to gain a competitive advantage.  Please contact me at 608-516-8853 so we can start the conversation as to how well your company is doing online and what WSI-Madison WI can do to assist you.

December 2016 Digital Marketing Video

5 profit pulling analytics reports to regularly review

Web analytics tools collect the report data on how people interact with your website. Being able to understand these metrics will enable you to identify the most effective marketing channels and be ready to gain a competitive advantage. Reviewing the following 5 analytics reports will enable you to improve your overall customer experience and increase sales:

  1. Referring sites report: knowing which websites and search engines refer traffic to you and what pages of your website they link to will enable you to guide your content marketing strategy and successfully allocate your ad budget.
  2. Content engagement report: measuring visitor engagement is key to turning website visitors into leads. Knowing which blog topics command the most attention and social shares will give you direction for achieving your content creation objectives.
  3. Landing pages report: the Home page is no longer the only website entry point. Using landing pages reports you can see what content is attracting the most traffic and how visitors are interacting with your offers and lead capture processes.
  4. Site search report: often overlooked, a site search report will show you what visitors are looking for once they land on your site. It can indicate where to make website improvements as well as help direct development for future marketing campaigns.
  5. Mobile performance report: the ever increasing number of mobile users expect fast, reliable, and accessible web content, so understanding how your mobile audience interacts with your website is vital to delivering engaging content.

The most important website metrics are the ones that tie closely to business results. Regularly reviewing these vital reports will enable you to significantly improve your marketing impact.

If you need assistance in achieving your online marketing goals, then get in touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing consultant today!


November 2016 Digital Marketing Video

Turning visitors into leads, and leads into new customers

Successfully delivering appropriate messages helps you to lead customers step by step through their buying cycle. Marketing automation enables you to set up a work flow of highly personalized marketing messages designed to convert website visitors into leads and then your new leads into paying customers.

Here are 5 best practice guidelines to get marketing automation working for your business:

  1. Identify your Audience: before you can start creating your emails, autoresponders, work flow messages, and landing pages, you need to know your audience. Create buyer personas to help you understand how to produce content that addresses your customers’ specific needs and challenges.
  2. Sales and Marketing Alignment: your marketing automation campaign should be aligned with your sales processes. Recording every point of engagement to an online CRM will provide detailed customer profiles for your sales team to successfully nurture leads through their buying cycle.
  3. Create Valuable, Helpful Content: delivering the right message that appeals to your target audience will not only drive an engaging marketing automation process it will also qualify your leads from the start. So, be creative, be informative, and be focused.
  4. Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing: effective marketing automation campaigns will feature a multi-channel approach, with touch points including dynamic website content, email, social media, retargeting, and interaction from your sales team.
  5. Test, Tweak, Repeat: the beauty of digital marketing is that it provides a constant flow of data to assist you in optimizing campaign results. A consistent program of monitoring and improving your work flows will increase your overall competitive advantage. In addition to increasing leads, marketing automation systems can increase cross sales and upsells and improve customer care processes, turning your customers into active fans who will be ready to recommend you.

If you would like help getting started with marketing automation or improving your current campaigns, Get In Touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today.

October 2016 Digital Marketing Video

5 Advanced Techniques to Sky Rocket Your Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways of connecting with your audience, regardless of the device they use. The following 5 best practice techniques will highlight new opportunities to publish targeted email messages that build customer loyalty and increase sales.

  1. Targeting and Segmentation – the foundation of an effective email marketing plan is to better understand your customer by developing buyer personas. You can then create appropriate groups and segment your email list accordingly.
  2. Make it Personal – now you are ready to personalize your message with an appropriate greeting or recognition of an anniversary or birthday. You can further customize your offers by referring to customers purchase history or other company interactions.
  3. Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation – automated customer initiated email sequences are a great way of providing a non-intrusive flow of information to your visitors as they progress through the sales cycle, allowing you to address their needs at the exact right time.
  4. Refine your message by Split Testing – you can make continual improvements to your email marketing strategy by trying a variation of your subject line or different design layouts to help you understand what will get your message opened and actioned.
  5. Make it Mobile-Friendly – a large portion of your customers will read your emails from their mobile device so make your content responsive with a clear design, easy to read fonts, and strong, clearly visible, calls to action.

Finally, be prepared to evolve your email marketing strategy by regularly reviewing your progress and incorporating new, best practice, email methodologies that will enable you to build stronger customer relations, nurture leads, and increase your sales.

If you would like to review the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy, Get in Touch Today!

September 2016 Digital Marketing Video

How to Achieve the Best Digital Marketing Mix for your Business

Are you concerned you are not achieving the best online results for your business? Are you overwhelmed with the seemingly limitless choice of digital marketing options? Then let’s simplify how to achieve the best Digital Marketing Mix, which will take your online results to the next level.

The following best practice digital marketing methods will generate growth by building on four key areas of focus; insightful market research; effective customer acquisition; value-added communications; and lasting brand loyalty.

  1. Your starting point should be to evaluate where you are now and then to plan your strategy.
  2. Now you have your Digital Marketing Blueprint you can assess the effectiveness of your existing web presence so you can start attracting your target audience through a program of constant content creation.
  3. The next step is to promote your content across the search engines with Adaptive SEO.
  4. Paid advertising can also get your message seen in the right places by the right people at the right time.
  5. Social media is key to engaging with potential customers as well as managing your online reputation.
  6. Now you’re ready to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers using a combination of marketing automation processes that do the heavy lifting for you.
  7. Finally, email, which is still a very cost effective marketing medium for achieving more sales and building brand loyalty.

Each part of your Digital Marketing Mix is brought together by a routine of Monitoring, Testing, and Improving. By using the right combination of tried and tested best practice methodologies we have talked about in this video, your local WSI Digital Marketing consultant will bring global expertise to your market, developing a marketing blueprint that will drive results for your business.

WSI’s extensive network of experienced marketers means each local WSI team is well equipped to apply their knowledge of the most beneficial online trends, techniques, and technologies to grow your business.

So, if you would like help achieving the perfect Digital Marketing Mix for your business, Get in Touch Today!

August 2016 Digital Marketing Video

7 steps to certain SEO success

Increasingly, search engines are doing a good job of delivering trustworthy, relevant results when people search for information, which is good news for consumers and also good news for businesses trying to attract more search traffic because the following best practice SEO strategies really haven’t changed and are still highly effective:

  1. Keyword Research: choosing the right keywords is still a critical part of any SEO strategy as it puts the right foundation in place to build upon.
  2. Competitive Analysis: studying and learning from competitors who are ahead of you in search results can give a clearer picture of the effort required to match or overtake them.
  3. Website Optimization: the primary goal of onsite optimization techniques is to help the search engines easily understand what your website is about so they can categorize it correctly.
  4. Address Domain Authority: a major SEO factor is the strength of your domain, meaning the number and quality of websites, blogs, social media portals, and directories that link back to your site.
  5. Content Strategy: consistently creating high quality content is still by far the best way to rank well in search engines’ results, with the emphasis being on quality over quantity.
  6. Social Media Strategy: the amount of social signals associated with your content is an indicator of how valuable your content is to your users and a reflection of your industry authority.
  7. Measure, Report, Improve: measuring progress is also critical to a successful search strategy as detailed reporting allows you to make informed decision before making improvements.

An adaptable approach to search engine optimization, what we call Adaptive SEO, will mean that you can apply the appropriate search marketing strategies to reach more customers and increase sales.

If you want to discover how Adaptive SEO can work for your business, get in touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant.

July 2016 Digital Marketing Video

The Anatomy of a Landing Page that Converts

If you are using digital advertising to send visitors to your home page as the starting point of your sales funnel then you might want to think again. A well architected landing page is much more likely to convert visitors into leads. A dedicated landing page can be an extension of your campaign, focusing visitors’ attention on the end goal, which for you is lead capture.

The starting point for a successful landing page is to:

  1. Identify your customer persona in order to create an appropriate hook, then
  2. Clarify your end goal such as capturing data in exchange for a white paper, coupon, or an e-book, and
  3. Design a landing page geared to convert, like this one.
    • Remove unnecessary content to focus visitors’ attention on your offer.
    • Remove your menu or anything else which can distract from your main message.
    • Your headline needs to be the biggest and boldest thing on the page and should be the natural extension to the ad or email message which brought them to the page.
    • Use an image or, better still, a video to support your offer, making the intended call-to-action clear.
    • Keep your copy short and to the point. Using bullets is an ideal way to achieve this.
    • Now, for the all-important lead capture form. Keep it near the top, keep it short, and keep it simple. The more hoops a potential lead is required to jump through, the less likely they are to complete the process.
    • Additionally, consider including testimonials or other bite-sized content that strengthens your credentials.

The final thing to do is measure your success, then use split-tests to tweak and improve your conversion rate.

If you would like help setting up online landing pages that convert for you, get in touch today!

June 2016 Digital Marketing Video

Increase Leads & Sales with Digital Advertising

A properly managed digital advertising campaign can be a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your business. But, how do you know which online advertising strategy you should use and when?

Step 1 – Identify the Right Search Criteria: selecting the right keyword search terms is vital to for a successful ad campaign. In addition to keyword selection, increasingly sophisticated advertising networks also make it possible to target by location, interests, income, age, and more.

Step 2 – Advertise on the Appropriate Ad Networks: a better understanding of your ideal customer will mean you can maximize your advertising budget by selecting to display your ads on the most responsive advertising platforms.

Step 3 – Put Campaign Tracking in Place: you can now optimize your campaigns by tracking which keywords and networks are converting the best. You can also connect your ads to your marketing automation process in order to track and nurture leads over time.

Step 4 – Carry out Split Tests: you can compare and improve your online ads by A/B testing your offers, landing pages, and calls to action. Measuring the impact split test changes have on your campaign results will take the guesswork out of improving your campaign conversion rate.

Step 5 – Measure, Improve, Repeat: you can’t fix what you don’t measure. A regular analysis of your campaign metrics will accurately identify which strategies are driving conversions. Once you know this, you can align your ad spend to achieve a greater return on investment.

An efficiently managed digital advertising campaign has been proven to increase leads and drive sales.

If you would like help setting up and managing an effective online ad strategy for your business, Get In Touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today!

May 2016 Digital Marketing Video

How to Master Online Reputation Management

Building a strong online reputation is more important than ever. A study by Harvard Business Review found that a difference of one star in the average rating in a typical online business profile can lead to a 5 to 9 percent difference in revenue. But, how can you influence customer feedback and proactively manage your online reputation?

Step 1: Listen to your customers. Your customers are the best resource for discovering how to make improvements to your business. So, establish a system to genuinely listen to and engage with what your customers are saying about you.

Step 2: Target relevant review websites. You can refine your monitoring process by focusing on the review websites that matter most to your target audience. Knowing which review sites are most influential will help you plan an appropriate reputation management process.

Step 3: Gather customer feedback. Don’t leave the review process to chance. Request customer feedback from both online and offline customer touch points. Be creative, be polite, and be direct.

Step 4: Share your customer feedback. Positive customer reviews make excellent marketing content. So, make sure to publicly thank customers for their time and their comments. Your social media profiles are an ideal place to share your customers’ praise.

Step 5: Learn and improve. Be ready to learn from negative feedback and make improvements. Remember to respond quickly and positively to bad reviews and your reputation will be enhanced rather than damaged by the poor review.

Online review sites are growing in popularity as customer feedback has become a key factor in customers’ buying decisions. You can either leave it to chance or take steps to manage your online reputation and gain the marketing advantage.

If you’d like help establishing a process to listen, gather, and share reviews to improve your online reputation, Get In Touch!

April 2016 Digital Marketing Video

A recipe for Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing has given small businesses the opportunity to become their own publishers creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content forms an online marketing strategy designed to attract and retain loyal customers. To do this, a workable content marketing plan is crucial. Here are 5 key ingredients for achieving success with content marketing:

  1. Identify and Understand Your Audience: before you write a word you need to know who you are writing for. Identifying your target audience using buyer personas will enable you to understand and directly speak to the challenges your ideal customer faces and help them solve those challenges.
  2. What? Where? How?: with an understanding of who your content is addressing you can now start brainstorming ideas. Determine the most appropriate writing styles, content formats, and identify the best place to post your content for maximum impact.
  3. Quality Matters Most: it’s the quality of your content that will determine how much it is viewed, shared, commented on, and whether it is positioned at the top of search engine results. So, focus on producing quality over quantity.
  4. Stay Organized: planning, producing, and publishing a steady flow of valuable and relevant content needs to be organized. A content calendar will enable you to coordinate your publishing schedule, manage your team of contributors, and meet deadlines.
  5. Review, Measure, Improve: proving the effectiveness of content marketing can sometimes seem elusive. The key is to determine your objectives, establish your key metrics, and then measure engagement. Use the data to learn what works best and how to make improvements.

If you would like to position yourself as an expert and increase your sphere of influence by launching an effective content marketing plan for your business, contact your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today!


March 2016 Digital Marketing Video

Achieving excellence in e-commerce

Online selling, or e-commerce, continues to grow and is currently expanding at seven times the rate of offline retail growth, but running a successful online store has its challenges. Adopting an effective e-commerce strategy will help you avoid the potential pitfalls, enable you to expand your marketing reach, and grow your customer base.

Here are 5 key points of focus needed to achieve e-commerce excellence:

  1. Putting the right platform in place: selecting the right e-commerce technology will set the foundation for your success. Your selling platform will need to not only look great but be scalable, customizable and importantly, be mobile friendly.
  2. Know your audience: understanding your target audience will help you prepare your website design for maximum impact and will also guide your online marketing activities so your shop is accessible from all the right places.
  3. Optimized for conversion: your ecommerce platform should provide essential, easy to use marketing automation tools that allow you to personalize your messages and turn prospects into paying customers. Loyalty programs, cross-sales offers and discount coupons are all examples of how you can increase your sales.
  4. Offer an outstanding customer experience: to build a loyal customer base you need to provide excellent customer support that offers an outstanding buyer experience beyond the sale. Your online reputation will depend on it. Have live chat support available. Let your customers know you are there if they need you.
  5. Listen, learn and improve: if your ecommerce website is not always improving you will get left behind. Run pilots, split test and regularly examine your website analytics to identify and then fix critical problems such as addressing shopping cart abandonment

In conclusion, the e-commerce digital landscape is quite complex and constantly evolving. Just as you would hire professionals to prepare your accounts or offer legal advice, your ecommerce website will benefit from the expertise of a digital marketing specialist.

If you would like to talk to a WSI digital marketing consultant, Get in Touch today!

February 2016 Digital Marketing Video

7 Steps to Website Success

Developing an engaging mobile ready website that converts visitors into leads and leads into buyers will provide an effective hub for your digital marketing campaigns and will lay the foundation for your online success. Here are 7 key steps for achieving website success:

  1. Discovery – understand what you need: your website may have many marketing objectives but it’s important to focus on what your customers and potential customers want. Using Buyer Personas is an ideal starting point to guide you in the right direction.
  2. Budget – think investment, not cost: a website is no longer a static shop window. It’s an interactive platform that will keep your customers engaged and create brand loyalty. Your digital marketing budget should reflect this.
  3. Planning – crucial to your success: in addition to planning your website, you will need a complete marketing plan that includes other online strategies that will attract visitors to your site. Only then are you ready to start constructing a full digital marketing campaign.
  4. Design & Build: if the Discovery and Planning stages are successful, the Design and development strategy for your website will become obvious as your online objectives will guide the construction.
  5. Test and Debug: this step is often rushed but is vital for delivering a great customer experience. Make sure you allocate enough time for all necessary QA and QE checks to be completed thoroughly.
  6. Pre & Post Launch Activities: it’s important to capitalize on the marketing opportunities your new website will provide when launched. Incorporate and maximize your social media coverage, search engine exposure and data capture.
  7. Analyze and Improve: regular measurement and analysis of the data your website can provide will allow you to continually tweak and improve to ensure you achieve a generous return on your website investment.

If you would like help to improve your online presence, Get In Touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today!

Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses can increase sales and cultivate long term relationships with their audience. A great way to accelerate this growth is by conducting a Competitor Analysis. A Competitor Analysis is an in-depth review of a wide range of web data that reveals your competitors’ digital marketing strategies and tactics enabling you to gain an advantage by learning both their strengths and weaknesses.


January 2016 Digital Marketing Video

Competitor Analysis – your roadmap to Online Success

Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses can increase sales and cultivate long term relationships with their audience. A great way to accelerate this growth is by conducting a Competitor Analysis. A Competitor Analysis is an in-depth review of a wide range of web data that reveals your competitors’ digital marketing strategies and tactics enabling you to gain an advantage by learning both their strengths and weaknesses.

Here are 5 key areas that an effective Competitor Analysis should include:

  1. Website Content Benchmarks – a closer inspection of competitor websites can provide focus on how to gain the advantage in your marketplace by identifying factors such as Mobile Ready Content, Frequency of New Content, as well as Social Media Engagement.
  2. Search Engine Optimization – using online search tools you can not only identify the key phrases that your competitors are targeting but also pinpoint how to formulate your website content and link-building strategy to gain maximum search engine exposure.
  3. Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing (PPC) – spending money on paid search without relevant search data can lead to unnecessary overspending. A professional competitor analysis will act as a guide for your campaign including calculating your cost of customer acquisition.
  4. Social Media Engagement – monitoring your competitors’ historical social media engagement can be very informative. It not only indicates which social media platforms attract your target audience but also which content formats consistently drive the most engagement.
  5. Lead Nurturing Calls to Action (CTA) – examining the architecture and style of competitor Calls to Action can give you a head start in better understanding and then leading new customers through their buying cycle.

In conclusion, effective marketing is all about ongoing testing, but testing can be accelerated through smart research like a Competitor Analysis. If you would like to conduct a professional Competitor Analysis for your business, Get in Touch with your local WSI Digital Consultant.

 November 2015 Digital Marketing Video

Adaptable Digital Marketing That Wins New Business

The world of digital marketing moves quickly. Your ability to adapt to new challenges, circumstances and technologies is key to increasing your customer base and improving brand loyalty. Here are four essential steps to make sure your digital marketing strategy is ready to capitalize on new and expanding online opportunities.

  1. Be ready with responsive web design – time spent browsing on smart phones, tablets and game consoles is steadily rising. Your website must be fully responsive and able to adapt to any screen size, conveying your message with maximum clarity. An unresponsive website equals a bad user experience and lost revenue.
  2. Prepare for success with a social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – managing your social media is far more efficient with a social CRM. Social CRM’s enable social listening which allows you to adapt your marketing and advertising strategy based on what real people are saying about your brand in real time.
  3. Become an adaptive content marketer – your website should include an engaging blog, enabling you to use your valuable insights into customer behavior to adapt your marketing plans so you can publish a regular flow of content that engages your audience across the appropriate social platforms.
  4. Review and improve using data and analytics – digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing. Proper review of the analytics data from your web properties will allow you to identify challenges, shortcomings or potential areas of growth. Eliminate the need for guesswork and identify what methods are working well and what needs improvement.

In conclusion, keep in mind that innovative tools such as Hootsuite, Hubspot, and gShift can provide the direction you need to adapt and improve your online marketing so you can win new clients and increase repeat business. If you would like help to adopt a more adaptable digital marketing plan for your business, Get in Touch.

October 2015 Digital Marketing Video

Improving Sales Using Web Analytics

You cannot improve your online marketing without paying attention to your website statistics. Often overlooked, your web analytics can provide a wealth of knowledge to enable you to convert more visitors into buyers. Here are 5 key methods for understanding and then improving your customers’ buying cycle.

  1. Identify your best traffic sources: one of the first benefits of analyzing your visitors online activity is to identify where your website traffic is coming from. If you set up your tracking correctly, you’ll even know what search phrases and paid ads drive the most conversions.
  2. Better understand customer behavior: reviewing data points such as time spent on your website, device preference, click paths, and content popularity, will provide greater insight into your customers leading to a more customized experience for progressing them through their buying cycle.
  3. Improve website conversion funnels: once you have a better understanding of your customer, including how to drive engagement, you can identify the most effective behavioral triggers to direct more website visitors to make a purchase.
  4. Perfecting landing page performance: using campaign landing pages without reviewing the statistics means you’re getting less than half the story. Your landing page analytics will not only tell you what traffic source is most effective, it can also indicate the best converting content and calls to action your visitors will respond to.
  5. Making it personal: an increased awareness of customers interests should lead to a more personalized customer experience, especially when coupled with an email campaign. The more you can personalize your content, the more targeted, and successful, your marketing messages will be.

In conclusion, if you’re focusing purely on clicks you’re missing out on a wealth of data that can positively impact return on investment.

Would you like help improving your online marketing using web analytics? Get in touch!

September 2015 Digital Marketing Video

5 Steps to Securing Top of Mind Brand Loyalty

The goal for any business in a competitive marketplace is to grow a loyal customer base that actively engages with your brand. A digital marketing plan will provide a foundation to turn customers who make infrequent purchases into devoted fans who keep on buying. Here’s a 5-step strategy to achieving better brand loyalty:

  1. Get to Know Your Customer Better: Online research and competitor analysis will help you understand your target audience better. Being aware of their needs and challenges will mean you are ready to engage with them on a more meaningful level.
  2. Prepare Your Story: Uncovering where your customers hang out online will help you to determine the business voice to adopt, what content is most popular and which social media channels your customers are most likely to engage with you on.
  3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize: You can use email, social media and customized landing pages to personalize your customers buying cycle. The goal is to make your customer feel important by delivering relevant and important personalized messages.
  4. Quality and Consistency: Good content is still King! Whether it’s deals, vouchers, whitepapers or webinars, work to develop a content marketing plan that consistently over delivers for your customers. The more you can add value with outstanding content, the more likely you will stay Top of Mind.
  5. Encourage Feedback: Remember, it’s a conversation, which includes listening. Use online alerts to know when your brand is mentioned, then be prepared to connect, listen, respond, and most importantly, show appreciation.

Carrying out this 5-step plan using a combination of web research, a mobile-ready blog, email, social media, and customized landing pages will make you stand out from the crowd and ultimately realize an increase in repeat business. If you would like help to improve Brand Loyalty, Get in Touch.


August 2015 Digital Marketing Video

Improve Customer Engagement with Inbound Marketing

It is harder than ever to stand out in your marketplace. Inbound Marketing helps you stand out because you really are helping the customer rather than try to sell them a product. By focusing on becoming a trusted source of information for the customer you ensure you are the person they come to for help.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your Inbound success:

  1. Create Buyer Personas: segment your customers into Personas to gaining much deeper level of understanding of your audience. Think about what makes your personas tick, what problems they face and what they search for. Use your offline metrics to investigate, research, and collect data. Understanding their story will help you know how best to reach them.
  2. Nurture Leads using a Sales Funnel: at every stage of the sales funnel you should add value for the customer. Inform and Educate. Keep it regular personalized contact.
  3. Leverage Quality Content: use offers like eBooks, videos or webinars to gain more information about your client. Every piece of information you gather helps inform your Buyer Personas and better qualify your leads. Strike a balance between the perceived offer value and the information you ask for.
  4. Converting Landing Pages: ensure your landing pages follow best practice. Keep your CTA’s (Calls to Action) bold and inviting and your landing pages uncluttered. Make another offer or link to useful information on Thank You pages.
  5. Multiply your efforts using Workflows: automating your workflows for parts of this process is great for lead nurturing. Workflows can keep regular personalized content flowing to the customer. By designing the right kind of workflow you can ensure the customer sees the content they want to see when they want to see it.

In conclusion, once you implement these 5 tips, you can start building your reputation and Inbound campaign immediately.

If you’d like help understanding Inbound Marketing and Campaigns, Get in touch.


July 2015 Digital Marketing Video

Growing Leads and Sales with Marketing Automation

The ultimate goal for your online marketing efforts is to generate leads and turn them into paying customers. A good marketing automation solution can multiply your effectiveness to attract more website visits and nurture your leads through their entire buying process. Here are 5 ways to target, personalize and automate your marketing messages across multiple channels.

  1. Wise Up to What Customers Want: by digging deeper into your website analytics and social media feedback you can identify what content works best. Once you know this you can focus your messages to qualify and segment prospects according to their preferences.
  2. Practice Powerful Email Marketing: email is one of the best ways to drive engagement. Sending the right message to the right people at the right time will turn an impersonal broadcast into meaningful correspondence. Additionally, you can send automated emails to send tailored messages at timed intervals after a call to action is triggered.
  3. Improve Landing Page Personalization: you can continue your customer’s 1-to-1 experience by personalizing your landing pages. By presenting the most relevant offers or product selections aligned to their online behavior you can successfully lead customers through their buying cycle.
  4. Be Ready to Further Relationships: your marketing automation system can alert you to relevant events like Likes, Comments, Retweets, or Shares, enabling you to reach out and develop relationships on a more personable level.
  5. Consider Using Curated Content: targeted content is key to the whole marketing automation process. To help, consider curating relevant content from other sources while making sure to put your own twist on it to enhance the message for your audience.

In conclusion, be consistent and patient as you begin your automated marketing campaigns. Get it right and you’ll enjoy a steady stream of followers, new leads, and increased sales. If you are looking for a leading solution to get marketing automation working for you, Get In Touch!

 June 2015 Digital Marketing Video

5 key components to improve customer acquisition

In today’s overcrowded online marketplace, the key to building a loyal customer base is to consistently follow an effective digital marketing plan, something MOST companies still fail to do.

Here are 5 key components for a digital marketing plan to take your customer acquisition to the next level:

  1. Research the Right Direction: researching your market is the starting point for an effective marketing plan. An understanding of key search statistics as well as conducting competitor analysis will help you set off in the Right Direction.
  2. Creatively Craft and Curate: once you know which search terms to target, you can confidently address and curate the type of topics and content formats that will attract your target audience. You will also know where to post your content to maximize customer engagement.
  3. Frequently Analyze Activity: this is where you can remove the need for guesswork. Setting up your Calls to Action and Goals Conversion Tracking correctly in your Analytics or Marketing Automation tools will mean you can find out in real time how well or poorly your campaigns are performing.
  4. Make Data Driven Marketing Decisions: the marketing insights you gain from tracking online customer behavior will enable you to make better and more informed marketing decisions which will translate into more effective campaigns and lead to a greater return on investment.
  5. Be Mobile Friendly First: the latest Google algorithm changes have significantly impacted mobile search. Elements like page speed, a responsive site design and local search optimization are more important than ever. If your campaigns fail to be mobile friendly you can expect to miss out on the rapidly growing mobile audience.

Consistently following these 5 key digital marketing steps will successfully position you to grow and maintain and actively engage customer base.

If you would like help to improve your customer acquisition, Get In Touch!

 May 2015 Digital Marketing Video

Improving Targeted Lead Generation:

The ability to generate high quality leads will have a direct impact on your marketing budget and the effectiveness of your sales pipeline.  Here are 4 online advertising techniques that will enable you to improve your Return on Investment by capturing targeted leads that are ready to be turned into loyal customers.

  1. Pay Per Click and AdWords Advertising: provides a great way to target customers by allowing you to select the specific search phrases that will generate your online ad. Additionally, using Google AdWords means you can place your ads on the most relevant websites used by your target audience.
  2. Focus in with Micro Targeting: by collecting and analyzing data about consumer behaviors and tastes, you can shape your message to fit different audiences. Advertising on social media websites for example, means your ads can be positioned according to an audience’s age, sex, location, interests and more.
  3. Boost Display Ads using Retargeting: to take Micro Targeting even further you can target individuals based on previous interactions. For instance, if they visited your website you can then have your display ads appear on other websites they visit which will increase the chance of their returning to your website and make a purchasing decision to buy your product or service.
  4. Zoom in with Location Targeting: Targeting can even occur at a local level. Using specially designed ads for searchers in specific regions or a radius around a location. You can even target your ads according to a person’s geographical interests.

Attracting target visitors to your website, however, is only the first part of the job.  You also need to apply smart lead capture methods to turn your visitors into leads. Prequalifying your website visitors with improved ad targeting will give you the best chance of turning a visitor into a lead and ultimately into a new customer.

If you would like help improving your online lead capture activities, Get In Touch!


April 2015 Digital Marketing Video

5 Sure Fire Ways for Improving Brand Promotion
The ultimate goal for your business is for your brand to be instantly recognizable by your target audience so they think of you first when they are ready to buy. Here are 5 key digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness during your customers’ buying cycle:

  1. Extend your reach with Google AdWords Ad Extensions: they allow you to increase your ad’s visability with such things as Click to Call right from your ad.
  2. YouTube advertising gets you seen: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. Important to have a video content plan to take advantage of YouTube’s low cost video hosting.
  3. Improve promotion using Google’s Display network: having a presence on the display network means your ad will be seen on sites relevant to your prospects.
  4. Remarketing: your ad gets shown to people who have recently visited your website.
  5. Don’t forget your mobile audience: Google has updated their search algorithm for mobile users. If your site is not mobile friendly, your search results will suffer!

These 5 steps will make sure that your brand stands out, remains top of mind, and is well positioned when customers are ready to buy.
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March 2015 Digital Marketing Video

Implement these 5 digital strategies to build positive brand authority and credibility for your business.

  1. Content Marketing: consistently publish relevant and valuable content. Demonstrate your expertise to your customers and the search engines.
  2. Social Media Marketing: a great deal of your credibility hinges on your social media presence. Promote any positive news and respond quickly to negative comments.
  3. Video Marketing: demonstrating your expertise using online video makes your content more engaging and memorable, especially if you can inject some personality. It’s also mobile friendly, which is critical in this mobile world.
  4. Personalized Marketing: delivering the right message to the right person at the right time via email, social media, and your website. By using customer driven data, you can personalize each shopper’s experience, making it easier to earn their trust.
  5. Reputation Marketing: actively participate in the customer review process. Request reviews, publish the positive, and resolve the negative with the goal being to improve customer feedback.

In conclusion, the wealth of information you publish on the internet should be done with the goal of guiding your customer through the buying cycle. If you would like help to improve your online brand authority – Get In Touch.

February 2015 Digital Marketing Video

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